Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Ten Paramis (The Ten Fulfillments)

The Ten Paramis (The Ten Fulfillments)

English Translation

Parami is a Burmese word which means "to try to fulfill" through endless practice.

These ten are the ten areas where the embryo Buddhas (bodhisatas) tried to practice for endless world cycles.

For example, the Gautama Buddha had to fulfill his "Paramis" for Four Asemcheyas and a Hundred Thousand Kappas (world cycles).

1. Charity (Dana)

2. Conduct (Sila)

3. Renunciation (Neikhama)

4. Wisdom and Knowledge (Pyinnya)

5. Indomitable spirit (Adeikhtan)

6. Patience (Khanti)

7. Truth (Thitsa)

8. Steadfastness (Viriya)

9. Loving kindness (Metta)

10. Equanimity (Upekka)

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